Breast augmentation diet for faster recovery

หลังทําหน้าอก กินอะไรได้บ้าง? , Breast augmentation diet for faster recovery

Today, Dr. Gun has some good advice on breast augmentation diet for faster recovery. This will help patients who are considering breast augmentation to choose the right foods to eat after surgery. These foods can help reduce swelling,

What are the causes of nose tip pain after rhinoplasty?

nose tip pain after rhinoplasty

If there is a nose tip pain after rhinoplasty , does it mean that the nose is about to collapse or the silicone is about to burst? Today, Dr. Gun has the answer for you.

Review of a Beautiful Nose from Ms. Aoey, a New Bride, After Open Rhinoplasty

We would like to thank Ms. Aoey, a newly-wed bride, for her beautiful nose review. She had open nose reconstruction with Dr. Gun. Ms. Aoey had a wide nose base, large nose, droopy nose tip

Double Eyelid Surgery Review: Results in Striking, Defined Eyes

The Eyes Lock technique can help to transform sad, sunken, or uneven eyelids into beautiful, radiant eyes. This technique is designed by Dr. Gun, a highly experienced doctor who has been invited to demonstrate

Eyelid Surgery Transforms Sad, Asymmetric Eyes with Long Incision

Turn Sad, Skinny, and Uneven Eyes into Beautiful, Soft, and Radiant Eyes with Eyes Lock Technique. The Eyes Lock technique can transform sad eyes, eyes lacking fat, and uneven double eyelids into

Nose Surgery Reviews: Beautiful Results for All

Nose Surgery at YKJ Medical Center is led by Dr. Gun, an international professor of rhinoplasty and open reconstruction. He has over 10 years of experience in open rhinoplasty and has handled many rhinoplasty

Short, thin nose transformed into beauty after 3 months of rhinoplasty

Patient had a small, short nose with little tissue. The nose did not add dimension to the face. The doctor had to perform a base reduction to make the bridge look smaller and more refined.

Nose Reduction Surgery: Enhancing Facial Harmony

ผ่าตัดลดขนาดจมูก , nose-reduction-surgery

A large nose or a wide nose can make the overall face look disproportionate because the nose, which is considered to be the center of the face is too large. This can lead to a decrease in self-confidence. However, these problems can be solved

Avoid These 5 Things After Surgery for Quick Wound Healing

“The belief in post-surgical taboos dates back to ancient times, revolving around various items that, it’s said, if avoided, can prevent slow healing or raised scars after surgery.

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