Flat Chest ! 5 Habits That Might Shrink Your Bust Without You Realizing

Flat chest is a problem that causes many girls to feel insecure and dissatisfied with their body. It is undeniable that in today’s society, having a good personality and being able to wear clothes confidently are important to many women. Some of them may have a deep-seated insecurity about their chest, such as being teased for having a “surfboard chest,” “egg-shaped breasts,” or “flat chest.” Therefore, it is not surprising that these women want to have fuller breasts to boost their confidence.

What Causes “Flat Chest” and How Can They be Fixed?

Currently, there are various methods available to address and improve the issue of a small bust. These approaches include dietary supplements for breast enhancement, specific exercises targeting chest muscles, breast massages, and even breast augmentation surgery, among others. Each method has distinct treatment procedures, with some showing immediate results while others require time for noticeable changes.

However, it’s essential to note that not every woman feels comfortable opting for surgical breast enhancement. Therefore, preventive measures to avoid flat chest issues often involve modifying certain behaviors that pose a risk to breast development

5 Habits That Lead to Unintended Flat Chest

In reality, having a flat or small-sized chest can result from various factors, such as genetics and body characteristics. However, one aspect that many people might overlook as a cause for breast flattening is certain everyday habits in our lives.

The Causes of Breast Flattening Include…

The issue of having small breasts or flat chest can stem from various causes, such as genetics, which directly influences breast size. For instance, individuals with similar body shapes may have different breast sizes. Additionally, factors like being underweight, hormonal abnormalities, ovarian dysfunction, and not yet reaching puberty can also contribute to smaller breast size. Moreover, there are certain habits that women might not be aware of, as the doctor mentioned.

5 Behaviors that Make Breasts Flat that Women May Do Unknowingly

The behaviors that can cause women’s breasts to sag, flatten, and shrink, which they may unknowingly do every day, can be divided into 5 main things:

1. Sleeping on your stomach or side

The reason why these two sleeping positions make your breasts flat is because they cause your breasts to be pressed down while you are sleeping. The longer you sleep on your stomach or side, the faster your breasts will wrinkle. However, it is difficult to change your sleeping position immediately because you are not aware of it when you are sleeping. What you can do is to change your sleeping position as much as possible when you are aware of it, and you may also want to wear a bra with a wire to sleep to prevent it.

2. Exposing your breasts to the sun often

Many people may be wondering why exposing your breasts to the sun is a reason why your breasts shrink. This is because the heat from the sun can cause the breasts of young women to wrinkle quickly and easily develop wrinkles. The way to prevent it is to apply sunscreen regularly. Especially when you go to the beach, you need to apply sunscreen in advance.

3. Wearing an inappropriate bra

It may be too big or too small. If the bra is not the right size for your breasts, it may cause your breasts to sag or be squeezed unnecessarily. Both of the reasons mentioned above are the causes that affect the shape of women’s breasts. It is better to wear a bra that fits your breasts.

4. Losing weight too quickly

This type of weight loss will cause the patient’s proportions to decrease rapidly, including the breasts. When the proportions that used to be firm or toned change in size, it results in the breasts becoming saggy and smaller. It is better to choose a way to exercise to tighten all parts.

5. Not wearing a bra when sleeping

It is normal for many women not to wear a bra when sleeping or on weekends when they are at home or alone in their room. This may be because it is comfortable and not uncomfortable for women. However, I must inform you that not wearing a bra to sleep is also a cause of saggy breasts. Therefore, if you are concerned about the sagging or flattening of your breasts, I recommend wearing a bra at night to prevent it.

How to Care for Breasts to Look Full Naturally

In addition to the first method of changing the aforementioned behaviors or other lifestyle behaviors, such as sitting hunched over or hunching your shoulders, which can compress the breasts unknowingly and increase the risk of sagging breasts, there is also the role of diet in breast care. Women may eat menus that are in the type of food Phytoestrogen to help supplement estrogen hormones, such as soy milk, coconut water, bananas, tofu, and protein foods, to nourish the breasts always which must be done in conjunction.

Upsizing with Breast Augmentation Surgery

Breast augmentation surgery is a popular surgery today because it helps to boost women’s confidence. It helps to increase the proportions and curves of women to be more attractive. It also helps to solve breast problems such as sagging breasts and breasts that are not beautifully shaped. To be beautiful, smooth, and natural.

Popular Breast Shapes for Surgery

Natural shape (Normal Profile)

This is the most popular shape for those who want to be natural. The highlight of this shape is a round, low shape that is similar to the natural breast shape. It is smooth and beautiful and can be used to solve a variety of breast problems.

Contour shape (Contour Profile)

Also known as teardrop shape. The highlight of this shape is that the shape is flexible, beautiful, and plump. Suitable for people who originally have little breast tissue and want to enhance the breasts to have a more beautiful shape.

High profile shape (High Profile)

The highlight of this shape is that after surgery, the breast mound will be a round, high, and prominent shape. It is quite beautiful and eye-catching. Suitable for people who originally have no breast tissue at all.

How Many Types of Breast Augmentation Surgery are There?

Breast augmentation surgery can be divided into two main methods, each with its own advantages and disadvantages.

Breast augmentation with breast implants

This is a procedure in which a breast implant (silicone or breast implants) is inserted into the breast to increase the size of the breast.

Advantages :

  • You can choose the size you want, but it is important to keep in mind that if you choose too large, your breast tissue may not be able to support it. Therefore, the doctor will choose the size that is right for your shape.
  • It is suitable for people who have little breast tissue. When using silicone implants or breast implants, the size may not be very large to avoid tightness of the breast and the appearance of the edge of the silicone. Some people who have breast augmentation with silicone implants may have their bodies reject foreign objects, causing an allergic reaction or scar tissue around the implant.

Breast augmentation with your own fat (Fat Transfer Augmentation)

This is a procedure that is becoming increasingly popular because it uses your own tissue, not a foreign object. It is highly natural, but it has several limitations, including the need for additional surgery, which is liposuction, which requires specialized equipment, and the survival of the injected fat may vary from person to person.

Advantages :

The fat is natural and comes from your own body. It is a natural material, so it has no effect on the body and will stay for a long time naturally when it merges with the original fat cells.

Disadvantages :

Although fat has the advantage of being natural and coming from the patient’s own body, it can also be a disadvantage in another way. First, for people who do not have enough fat or do not have much excess fat, they cannot have breast augmentation with this method. Another point is that if the fat is unstable, it will also affect the size of the fat cells. That is, when girls have a plump figure, the fat cells will be large, but if they lose weight, the fat cells will also shrink, which is why the size of the breast will decrease.

However, no matter how girls choose to care for their breasts, the important thing is to choose the way that they are most confident and comfortable with. However, if anyone is interested in increasing the size of their breasts with surgery, they should carefully consider the clinic and consult with a doctor to find the right way to solve their breast problems. To get the results you expect and regain your confidence to the fullest. And don’t let the problem of “flat breasts” or “flat chest” affect our feelings anymore.

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