Breast cup sizes, measurement, and implant size for augmentation

I want to know breast cup size. How do different cup sizes vary in breast size, and if I want breast augmentation, how many CCs should I consider as the ideal choice? The doctor will provide the answer today.

What are the sizes for each cup?

Breast sizes are measured and categorized into cups, centimeters, and inches. The difference lies in…

Measuring breast cup size

It refers to the measurement units for the width and size of breasts. Starting from the smallest, which is cup A, they progress to cup B, C, and the largest, D. The correct method to find the accurate cup size involves finding two measurements: the chest circumference and the bust size. This is done using a measuring tape placed above the breasts for the upper chest measurement and under the arms for the lower chest measurement. Subtracting these two numbers gives the difference, which can be compared to cup sizes as follows: 

  • Cup A: Difference between upper and lower chest measurements 9.0 – 11.0 cm.
  • Cup B: Difference between upper and lower chest measurements 11.5 – 13.5 cm.
  • Cup C: Difference between upper and lower chest measurements 14.0 – 16.0 cm.
  • Cup D: Difference between upper and lower chest measurements 16.5 – 18.5 cm.

To the measurement of the body around the chest, which is categorized in “inches” and “centimeters.” The correct method to determine the chest size involves measuring under the arms.

  • 58 – 62 cm = Cup size 60 cm or 23 inches
  • 63 – 67 cm = Cup size 65 cm or 30 inches
  • 68 – 72 cm = Cup size 70 cm or 32 inches
  • 73 – 77 cm = Cup size 75 cm or 34 inches
  • 78 – 82 cm = Cup size 80 cm or 36 inches
  • 83 – 87 cm = Cup size 85 cm or 38 inches

How many CCs should be considered for breast augmentation?

Breast cup size is an important consideration for patients undergoing breast augmentation surgery. Before scheduling surgery, patients and surgeons typically discuss and examine the patient’s existing chest structure to identify any issues and determine the most aesthetically pleasing breast shape. The patient can then choose the CC size implant that they desire, or they can discuss this with their surgeon.

Breast augmentation, size 200cc.

Suitable for patients looking to enhance their breast size naturally without wanting an overly noticeable or dramatic change.

Breast augmentation, size 250cc.

This size is relatively popular as it helps breasts appear beautifully contoured and dimensional. It’s suitable for patients with Cup A breasts who desire a more appealing and noticeable appearance without wanting them to be excessively large. B

Breast augmentation, size 300cc.

This size can help increase breast size by approximately 2 cup sizes. It’s suitable for patients with small A-cup breasts who want to instantly go up to a B-cup size.

Breast augmentation, size 350cc.

This size is suitable for individuals looking to increase their cup size by 3 sizes. For example, someone with an A-cup breast size would instantly achieve a C-cup size.

This breast cup size is ideal for patients seeking a large, prominent, and eye-catching breast size. It is recommended for individuals with a substantial amount of existing breast tissue and a moderate degree of natural breast fullness. For individuals with a petite frame and limited natural breast tissue, choosing this size may result in breasts appearing excessively large.

Breast augmentation, size 500cc.

For this size, it’s the largest and most beautiful option as it provides a full, shapely, and voluptuous look, enhancing the bustline significantly. It’s suitable for those aiming to achieve a sexy and alluring appearance. However, for patients with a petite physique, it’s advisable to consult with a doctor beforehand as an excessively large size might have adverse effects.

In conclusion, breast sizes are categorized into cups, centimeters, and inches, with the cup sizes progressing from A to D. To find the accurate cup size, measurements of the chest circumference and bust size are essential. It’s important to consult with a qualified surgeon to determine the right size that will best match your goals and physical characteristics while ensuring a safe and satisfying outcome for breast augmentation.

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