Rhinoplasty review with Sixlock technique, face changed so much that everyone noticed

Beautiful shape, suitable for the face, natural nose shape. Adjust the face to look sweet. Beautiful and gentle like a Korean girl After making your face look beautiful The face looks more dimensional. No

Review of Sixlock nose surgery, beautiful shape, no need to do the open type.

This technique is the next top technique from Open, helping to lengthen the tip of the nose. With Interdome, Intercrus, Interfoot sutures , which are specific techniques at Teerathorn Clinic. Beautiful shape,

Nose Job Review: Handsome and Good-looking in Every Dimension

In this case, before correction, the tip of the nose is bent, sagging, stiff, pointed, and after correction, the bridge of the nose is protruding, the tip is tilted, the shape is beautiful, the tip is upward, very handsome,

Review of nose surgery using the open, sweet, beautiful and gentle technique.

Nose augmentation using the open technique, beautiful finish from the first time. Adjust the core Stretch the septum at the center of the nose Silicone-free tip Use materials from your own body, strong and safe

Dao Mayuree’s Rhinoplasty Journey: 20 Days Post-Op

✅ Preoperative issue: I have undergone rhinoplasty for over 20 years. The tip of the nose is very thin and blood vessels can be seen. The nose is short and looks very protruding. The tip of the nose passes

Nose Job: Chic Look, Confidence Boost 

Come with a beautiful, chic, cool, and glamorous look with a nose job. that adjusts to full confidence Ready to show off a beautiful nose from every angle. Regardless of whether you are facing at a side angle,

Case review: big nose, straight face, wide base, adjusted to make it smaller. with open technique

No problem with a big nose, straight face, wide base, no slope, no pointed tip, no dimensional face. Let’s change it to a slimmer shape. The first time, just one time. Adjust with the open technique, right to the

Review of sloped, rounded nose using the Open technique.

✅ Before fixing the thin end, pass through from the inside, and the curved end is not beautiful.
✅ After correction, adjust the shape of the selected senator’s forehead to make it look more beautiful.

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