What are the causes of nose tip pain after rhinoplasty?

nose tip pain after rhinoplasty

If there is a nose tip pain after rhinoplasty , does it mean that the nose is about to collapse or the silicone is about to burst? Today, Dr. Gun has the answer for you.

What are the causes of nose tip pain after rhinoplasty?

The problem of nose tip pain is an injury that can happen to anyone. The causes can be divided into the following

1. Inflammation after surgery

During the first 2-3 days after surgery, patients may experience inflammation due to improper self-care, such as rubbing or scratching the nose, eating spicy foods, or eating seafood. This can lead to inflammation of the wound.

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2. Silicone is not standard

In some cases, problems such as nasal inflammation can occur after surgery, possibly due to the patient’s own non-standardized silicone. For example, surgeons may use silicone that is too thick or too long, making it unable to adhere properly to the nasal tissue. This can cause the silicone to shift down towards the tip of the nose.

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3. Nose perforation

In the case that after having rhinoplasty for a long time, then when rubbing the tip of the nose, it feels a slight pain or the tip of the nose looks redder than usual. This may be a sign that the silicone used for rhinoplasty is about to perforate!! You should see a doctor immediately.

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In summary, If you experience nose tip pain after rhinoplasty, it does not necessarily mean that your nose is about to collapse or the silicone is about to burst. The most common cause of nose tip pain is inflammation after surgery. Other causes include non-standard silicone and nose perforation.

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