YKJ Medical Clinic Receives Open Rhinoplasty Clinic Award for the 2nd Consecutive Year

YKJ Medical Clinic (formerly known as Theerathorn Clinic) is proud to receive the “BEST OF OPEN RECONSTRUCTION RHINOPLASTY SPECIALIST EDITORS CHOICE” from Sudsapda Magazine at the Sudsapda Beauty Awards 2023 for the second consecutive year for being the best rhinoplasty clinic.

This prestigious award reflects YKJ Medical Clinic’s success as a leader in nose correction and rhinoplasty in Thailand. Over the years, our clinic has been committed to developing its services and medical technology continuously under the leadership of Dr. Gun, Dr. Rattarut Barrameechaiphach, an international expert in nose correction and open rhinoplasty.

“We would like to thank everyone for their trust in YKJ Medical Clinic for being the outstanding open rhinoplasty clinic of the year 2023, which is the second consecutive year,” said Dr. Kan. “Throughout the past years, I believe that everyone has seen the determination and continuous development of YKJ Medical Clinic, whether it be in terms of skills or various medical techniques to solve problems accurately and design a nose shape that is beautiful and has dimensions that are uniquely yours. You can be confident that the clinic will maintain its standards and strive to improve even further to provide all service recipients with the best service and treatment standards, which is worthy of the ‘BEST OF OPEN RECONSTRUCTION RHINOPLASTY SPECIALIST EDITORS CHOICE‘ award.”

YKJ Medical Clinic has developed an open rhinoplasty technique that allows for precise adjustment of the nasal structure without leaving scars. This allows patients to achieve a beautiful, balanced nose that complements their face and enhances their fortune.

“We emphasize safety and close post-operative care by experienced doctors and staff who can make patients satisfied and confident in the results,” Dr. Gun further explained.

Learn More : https://ykjmedical.com/en/rhinoplasty-in-bangkok/

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