Double Eyelid Surgery in Thailand (Blepharoplasty )

Another type of surgery that is as popular as rhinoplasty is “Double eyelid” orBlepharoplasty. It’s to reconstruct the eyelid to correct various of eye problems . It also decorates the appearance of the eye shape to look more beautiful. There are many different methods of surgery and it depends on the eye problem of each person. The purpose is to get the most beautiful eyes with the most safety. It will make you more attractive and impress people around you.

Common eye problems such as narrow-eyed, drooping eyelids, unequal eyelids, weak eye muscles, ptosis, and closed eyelids can be solved with the double eyelid technique at YKJ Medical Center in Bangkok, Thailand.

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Double Eyelid Surgery  Reviews

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Can double eyelid surgery be done together with rhinoplasty or facelift?

  • Facelift is a surgical procedure to lift and tighten sagging facial skin. It is ideal for people with sagging facial skin, deep wrinkles, drooping cheeks, and a double chin.
  • Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure to reshape the nose or correct nasal problems.
  • Double eyelid surgery is a surgical procedure to create an eyelid crease or correct eyelid problems, such as monolids, small eyes, and drooping eyelids.

All three surgeries can be performed together, depending on the individual’s physical condition and the appropriateness determined by the doctor’s evaluation.

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Table of Contents

What is Double eyelid surgery?

รีวิวตาสองชั้น, ทำตา, แก้ตา

K. Neng Kulthida Yenprasert, Miss Thailand Universe 2000 – underwent the double eyelid surgery with Dr. Gun

Double eyelid surgery involves creating a new layer of the eye by opening an incision and stitching the skin and muscles together. Eyelids look more double layer which can design the height and shape of the eyelids with the doctor. In addition to the surgery to help with beauty, it can also improve visibility in cases with ptosis problems.

How many techniques does Theerathorn Clinic have?

A case that has never done and is deciding to do it for the first time, if there are no other issues. Complications can be made with double eyelids with EyesLock technique. The eye layer will not fall off and there will be no scarring because it is a hidden suture at the crease of the eye layer. It means that even if we don’t have eye surgery, when we close our eyes, we can see the creases of the eyelids. That’s where Dr.Gun will sew and hide it. So the incisions are smooth, almost leaving no scars. The EyesLock technique is divided into two types:

1. Mini Eyeslock


It takes less recovery time and is suitable for people with narrow eyes or single eyelids. Before undergoing surgery, the patient should consult a doctor to determine if the eyelid can be performed with this technique and where the incision should be opened. For example, the center of the eye, the head of the eye, the center of the eye, the corner of the eye. The lesions are small, about 5-7 mm long. The surgery takes 30-40 minutes. This is a surgery that interferes with less eyelid tissue, which causes less swelling and faster healing.

Article : Review of Mini Eyeslock, double eyelid surgery with less swelling and no need to rejuvenate.

2. Open Eyeslock


This technique can correct many types of eye problems such as multi-layered eyes, thick fat eyes, profuse ptosis, etc. The doctor will open the wound from the corner of the eye to the corner of the eye. This technique will be able to control the eyes better. The two most popular types of intraocular lines are Western and Asian inclinations. will result in different eye shapes. The surgery takes 45-60 minutes. It takes about 5-7 days to recover.

Before & After

Difference between Mini Eyeslock and Open Eyeslock

กรีดสั้น, กรีดยาว, ตาสองชั้น

Eyelid problems that can be solved with double eyelid surgery

วาดตา, แก้ตา, หมอกัน


A ptosis is where the skin around the eyelid falls. Some people may find a little, some people may be more than normal and affect their vision. This condition can occur in any gender and age. The older you are, the more sagging you will find.

In addition to the Mini Eyeslock and Open Eyeslock techniques, the solution to ptosis is “Swan eyes surgery” which is a combination of Open Eyeslock surgery. This technique can cut off excess eyelids and make the outer corners of the eyes look lifted.

หนัาตาตก, ตาสองชั้น

Solving the problem of ptosis has to consider many factors such as how much the original eyelid has dropped. Are the eyes too small? Eye sockets are too deep or bulging fat? The most common treatment technique is Open Eyeslock and Swan eyes surgery to remove excess skin from the outer corner of the eye.

Review of ptosis correction at YKJ Medical Center

Eye problems with lack of fat and deep eye sockets

The deep eye sockets are one of the factors that make it look like an elderly person. Deep eye socket patients will look noticeably younger after surgery.

เบ้าตาลึก, เติมไขมันตา, กรีดยาว

Improvements can be modified in a number of ways. Firstly, if a person still has fat in the eye socket and the eye socket is not very deep, this can be solved by removing the fat in the eye socket. To make the eye sockets look fuller, we may not need to remove fat from other areas or inject fat into it. If the doctor initially assesses and feels that there is not enough fat in the eyes, other fats from the body can be substituted to fix the problem of deep eye sockets as well.

In addition, adding fat to the eyes can also solve other problems such as

Eye muscle weakness

Eye muscle weakness is a condition where the eyes are not fully open. The upper eyelids are closed more than usual, causing incomplete blackness of the eyes. If it is the weak muscles of both eyes, it will make the patient look like a sleepy person all the time. But if the muscle is weak on one side, it will be obvious that the eyes are not equal.

กล้ามเนื้อตาอ่อนแรง, วิธีแก้
แก้ตา, กล้ามเนื้อตาอ่อนแรง
กล้ามเนื้อตาอ่อนแรง, แก้ตา, ตาสองชั้น

Some causes of eye muscle weakness can be found at birth or occur after everyday activities such as wearing contact lenses or habitual rubbing of the eyes.

Black eye opening

เปืดตาดำ, ทำตา

Opening the black eye is a procedure that must be done in conjunction with double eyelid surgery. It cannot be done alone. Doing this will make your eyes look bigger and look younger. However, the eye opening must be opened in the right position and should not be opened too much for naturally beautiful eyes.

1. 80 - 90% black eye opening (recommended)

Usually, natural looking dark eyes are about 80-90% darker. The upper eyelid is closed by 10-20%. Therefore, the dark eyes should be opened 80-90% to get beautiful eyes and It’s natural. You will be a “beautiful and attractive girl”, you will be easier to talk to or negotiate with other people and everyone who sees you will always have to look into your eyes.

2. 100% black eye opening

Turning your black eyes to be 100% rounder will make you look fierce. If you’re a business owner, you’ll look formidable. Most of the patients who had more than 90 to 100% of their pupils had their eyes open to make it narrower because they felt their eyes weren’t attractive.

3. Eye opening more than 100%

If you open your eyes too much to the extent that the upper eyelid is above the rim of the eye, you will look like hyperthyroidism because your eyes are unusually wide.

4. Eye opening in cases where black eyes are not round

If the black eye is opened and the eyeball is oval, the beauty of your eyes will look reduced because the beautiful opening of the black eye depends on the roundness of the black eye. If you have oval black eyes, you will lose your charm and the beauty of your eyes will instantly decrease.

Review of the black eye opening at YKJ Medical Center

Opening the inner eye / Opening the outer eye

“Opening outer eyes” increases the size of the outer eyes to make them appear wider. It is suitable for people with narrow outer eyes. It must not be too open as it may make your face look fierce.

“Opening inner eyes” is surgery on the lateral corner of the eye. It is suitable for people who have eyes that point too much or who have less area on the sclera of the inner eyes.

ยกคิ้ว, endotine, ตาตก

Eyebrow Lift with Endotine Technique

Another popular way to lift eyebrows or correct ptosis today is Endotine. It is a specially designed medical material. It will adhere to the internal tissues. The doctor will be able to adjust the position of the eyebrows and eyes as needed with precision and the results will last longer. This material breaks down and is absorbed by the body without remaining inside the body. It is a revolutionary innovation in brow, eye and forehead lift surgery to be extremely effective compared to traditional methods. The results are natural, youthful, while the side effects are minimal. It is a small surgery and the wound heals quickly, no scars and less recovery time. However, it only required a highly skilled and experienced physician trained in this particular technique.

Article : Who is eyebrow lifting suitable for? Why do you have to lift it? What does raising an eyebrow help with?

After double eyelid surgery, how many months will in place?

The incision on the eye area will start to look good in 1 month, and the eye will be in place within 3-6 months which will look most natural.


Facebook Live for Double Eyelid Open Eyeslock 14 days (click to view)

Facebook Live for 3 months of double eyelid surgery (click to view)


What's the cause of having double eyelids that aren't beautiful?

For the most part, it depends on the choice of shape and medical technique. Choosing the shape of the double eyelid is very important because the eyes are the first point of contact with each other. Therefore, having beautiful eyes will increase the impression and confidence of the owner of the eyes. Each person will have a different eye shape. Therefore, double eyelid surgery is not only incision in the eyelids to be the eyelids, but can also help to adjust the shape of the eyes to fix the weak spots to become the highlight. All will depend on the technique of each doctor and must have the knowledge to build the structure of the face very well in order to get good results without having to risk multiple surgery.

Which one is better between "Western" and "Korean" double eyelids ?

There are two very popular eyes that are “Western” and “Korean”. Usually the patient chooses the shape he likes and the doctor will re-evaluate whether the desired eye shape can be achieved or not? But in case the patient cannot choose, the doctor will evaluate the patient’s original facial structure mainly.



Refers to European shapes with sharp eyes. The outer eyes are wide open, large dark eyes, high eyelids, deep sockets, high eyebrow bone and not too thick eyelids.



Refers to the eye shape of the Asians with prominent round eyes. It will adjust the look to make the eyes look beautiful and natural.

Double eyelid surgery

Double eyelid surgery can be a minor surgery. But it is necessary to do it with a doctor who is skilled and experienced because if you make a mistake, it will not be as beautiful as you intended. It also causes fibrosis in the eye layer that is difficult to correct as well. The main problems that cause double eyelid correction to occur are:

ชั้นตาสูง, ปัญหาตา, ทำตา

Making the eyelids too big

In cases that have undergone eye surgery, The surgeon designed the eyelids to be too large or higher than the proper position. or the eye layer is too close to the eyebrow making the face look old. In this case, it can be corrected to make the eyelids smaller. The doctor will fix it by removing the old fascia and then sewing a new layer of the eye to make it smaller to be in the right position.

ตาหอยแครง, ปัญหาตา, ทำตา

Bloated or drooping eyes

Caused by improper surgical techniques, sewing the eyelids that are too high or the proportion of the eyelid that is sewn to the inner eye muscle to create an inappropriate eye layer. The experienced doctor will understand the cause of these problems.

Beautiful eyes can enhance physiognomy.


Double eyelid surgery can be supplemented. Can “Physiognomy” really work? It’s another question that many girls make decisions about. The eyes are not only one of the key points that make a balanced face attractive, it can also convey the emotions, needs, and feelings of the owner of the eyes. Shining eyes, confidence and a good personality can transform your life in work, finances, and love with just one double eyelid surgery. Eye characteristics that enhance physiognomy include:

รีวิวตาสองชั้น, ทำตา, แก้ตา

The eyes are round and big and sparkling with radiance: Beloved by the onlookers, energetic and wealthy.

รีวิวตาสองชั้น, ทำตา, แก้ตา

Two eyes are equal in balance : find happiness and fulfillment in family and spouse

รีวิวตาสองชั้น, ทำตา, แก้ตา

Double eyelids are equally balanced on both sides. Eyelids are smooth eyes and have a sharp beauty : enhance a prosperous and prosperous life and be attractive to the opposite gender.

รีวิวตาสองชั้น, ทำตา, แก้ตา

Uplifting inner eyes: Brings happiness and success to life which increases confidence, intelligence and excellent intelligence.


รีวิวตาสองชั้น, ทำตา, แก้ตา

Natural long inner eyes : good luck, wisdom, creativity in every way.


รีวิวตาสองชั้น, ทำตา, แก้ตา

Bright eyes : The eyes of a person who has prestige and gentleness and intelligence.

วัดชั้นตา, ตาสองชั้น

Preparation before double eyelid surgery

  1. Inform the doctor about drug allergy history, dietary supplement, congenital disease and surgery history.
  2. You should abstain from vitamins and dietary supplements at least 2 weeks to avoid excessive bleeding during the surgery 2 weeks before
  3. You should refrain from smoking at least 2 weeks prior to surgery to reduce the risk of infection and a longer duration of swelling.
  4. Abstain from alcohol for at least 1 week to reduce the risk of infection and a longer duration of swelling.
  5. Contact lenses should be removed before surgery.

Self-care after double eyelid surgery

  1. You should apply a cool cloth around the eyes and forehead to reduce swelling and bleeding during the first 1-2 days, then apply warm water to reduce the bruises on the 3-5th day.
  2. You should be careful not to expose the wound to water, especially when taking a shower, washing your face or washing your hair. We recommend that you wash your hair prior to surgery to avoid getting the wound in water as much as possible.
  3. You should refrain from using your eyes or rubbing your eyes.
  4. Before and after surgery, you should refrain from using makeup on your face to prevent dirt that may cause the wound to become infected.
  5. You should sleep on thick pillows to reduce puffiness around the eyes.
  6. You should take your medication as prescribed and see your doctor as scheduled.
  7. You should not eat spicy or pickled foods.

Why choose eye surgery at YKJ Medical Center?


“Where is the best?” The decision for any type of surgery should only be with a clinic that is standardized, properly registered, and operated directly with a medical professional. Most importantly, you should always find information and reviews from your doctor before making a decision. If anyone is hesitant about where to get eye surgery, Theerathorn Clinic will be happy to advise you.


  1. The clinic has been standardized with a license number 10101017058.
  2. The doctor has expertise and experience in eye surgery for more than 10 years.
  3. The doctor is gentle on the surgery resulting in smooth incisions to make the eye layer fall off by using the technique of locking muscles to make the eye line beautiful permanently.
  4. The doctor will design an individual eye layer according to the principles of physiognomy and anatomy from the shape that the customer likes. The doctor carefully considers every angle of the patient’s face structure for the best beauty and results.
  5. The doctor will closely supervise before and after surgery and follow up regularly.

Double eyelid surgery review at YKJ Medical Center

ชั้นตา, หมอกัน
วาดตา, แก้ตา, หมอกัน

Because eye surgery is delicate and sophisticated, the doctor must have a lot of experience and expertise in order to achieve beautiful results and no errors occur. Most importantly, the clinic or establishment must be clean, safe and reliable with a proper license.

at YKJ Medical Center, led by Dr.Gun who has over 10 years’ experience in eye surgery, you can be assured of skill, quality and standard. Every case will receive the best service before and after the service.

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