Forehead Augmentation with Customized Silicone Implants


Nowadays, many people are paying more attention to Forehead augmentation. It can solve the problem of narrow forehead, flat forehead, uneven forehead or solve the problem of bad proportion between nose and chin. It also makes the face look younger. More importantly, the forehead also indicates physiognomy. It is believed that a person with a protruding forehead indicates intelligence and is always supported by a patron.

Forehead augmentation with customized silicone at YKJ Medical Center in Bangkok, with Dr. Gun’s unique technique to achieve a naturally beautiful forehead shape.

Forehead Augmentation with Customized Silicone

at YKJ Medical Center, we understand that each person has a unique facial structure. That’s why we use a new method of forehead augmentation that’s similar to 3D modeling. We create a mold of the individual’s skull to simulate the forehead shape, and then use this as a guide for the silicone implant. With this personalized approach, you can be confident that your results will be both balanced and beautiful.

If a customer has had a previous forehead or temple augmentation, we will use a CT scan machine to analyze the area instead of a normal mold casting. This allows us to better assess the current state of the forehead and identify any potential issues that may arise from the previous procedure. By using this advanced technology, we can ensure that any future forehead augmentations are done with precision and care.

“FIT ME” Customized Silicone Implant

After the mold is created, the silicone will be sent to Korea for customization. We use Fit Me ‘s customized silicone, which is highly flexible, smooth, safe, and borderless. Additionally, Fit Me is an internationally recognized brand, ensuring our patients receive the highest quality materials for their forehead augmentation.

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Forehead Augmentation Procedures

ซิลิโคนเสริมหน้าผาก, เสริมหน้าผากถาวร


Start casting foreheads for mold and will send them to be cast as silicone in Korea.

ซิลิโคนเสริมหน้าผาก, เสริมหน้าผากถาวร


When the silicone arrives, the surgeon will open an incision around the hairline to insert the silicone for forehead augmentation.

ซิลิโคนเสริมหน้าผาก, เสริมหน้าผากถาวร


With the doctor’s incision technique, the incision is small and smooth.


Wrap a bandage around your forehead to reduce swelling. It will get better within 7 days.

Forehead Augmentation Before and After Reviews

เสริมหน้าผาก , เสริมหน้าผากด้วยซิลิโคนเสริมหน้าผาก , เสริมหน้าผากซิลิโคน
เสริมหน้าผาก , เสริมหน้าผากด้วยซิลิโคนเสริมหน้าผาก , เสริมหน้าผากซิลิโคน
เสริมหน้าผาก , เสริมหน้าผากด้วยซิลิโคนเสริมหน้าผาก , เสริมหน้าผากซิลิโคน
เสริมหน้าผาก , เสริมหน้าผากด้วยซิลิโคนเสริมหน้าผาก , เสริมหน้าผากซิลิโคน
เสริมหน้าผาก , เสริมหน้าผากด้วยซิลิโคนเสริมหน้าผาก , เสริมหน้าผากซิลิโคน
เสริมหน้าผาก, ซิลิโคน, Theerathornclinic
เสริมหน้าผาก, ซิลิโคน, Theerathornclinic

Whether it’s silicone forehead or temple augmentation, every case is analyzed in detail to ensure that every element of the face, such as the nose, mouth, or chin, is beautifully proportionate and aesthetically pleasing.

เสริมหน้าผาก, เสริมขมับ, ซิลิโคน
เสริมหน้าผาก, เสริมขมับ, ซิลิโคน
เสริมหน้าผาก, เสริมขมับ, ซิลิโคน
เสริมหน้าผาก, เสริมขมับ, ซิลิโคน

Our forehead augmentation procedure, which utilizes permanent silicone, results in a smooth, beautiful, and naturally contoured forehead that complements the nose and chin perfectly.

  • The forehead is naturally smooth and convex to make the face look younger.
  • Solve the problem of flat forehead or unattractive forehead with safety.
  • It’s suitable for individuals who have had nose rhinoplasty or chin augmentation, as forehead augmentation can help achieve balance and harmony with the rest of the face.
  • Globally recognized and standardized silicone for forehead augmentation, safe and reliable.
  • Our experienced doctors use a technique that minimizes scarring and results in small, smooth incisions that allow for hair growth.

K. Muay Fah, admin of the leading plastic surgery group, shares her experience and impressions from Forehead augmentation at YKJ Medical Center.

Why Choose Forehead Augmentation with Dr. Gun at YKJ Medical Center?

Our doctors have extensive knowledge of physiognomy, facial structure, and skin layers. Dr. Gun, also known as Dr. Rattarut Barrameechaiphach, is an award-winning plastic surgeon and facial reshaping specialist. He has been invited to speak and appear as a guest on many programs due to his expertise.

  • It’s safe because it’s done by a professional doctor.
  • Adjust the depth or shallow as appropriate.
  • Don’t be afraid of getting hurt because of using anesthesia
  • Silicone made to order in Korea with high safety standards.
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Because beauty is a matter of concern. It should be done directly with a medical professional. Importantly, the clinic or establishment must be reliable and properly licensed. Forehead and temple augmentation for all physiognomy cases will receive the best service and advice from pre-service to post-operative care. We put safety first.