Horn Chestnut-Shaped Lip Surgery

What is horn chestnut-shaped lip surgery?

When it comes to beauty and beauty, it must be something that girls pay attention to with lip surgery. It is considered one of the charms of girls. The “horn chestnut-shaped lip” is a surgery that seems common nowadays. It helps to increase beauty and self-confidence. In addition to enhancing the beauty of the appearance, it also enhances the physiognomy of the face and increases the chances of getting more good ones. The popular surgery in the past few years is “Lip surgery” itself.

What is horn chestnut-shaped lip?

Horn chestnut-shaped lip surgery is a surgery that helps women to have sexy lips. It will add charm to make your lips look slenderer and more attractive.

Horn chestnut-shaped lip is a mouth shape with a distinct serration in the center of the upper lip. It’s a distinctive and charming to look at. The surgeon will make a serrated cut on the upper lip in the middle, then sew it together to form a jagged middle. Once the wound has healed, you will have beautiful chestnut-shaped lips.

Why horn chestnut-shaped lip

-Enhance personality and confidence in the person’s appearance.

-Correcting large or thick lips from birth.

-Adjust the upper and lower lips for a perfect balance.

What is lip lift?

It’s a horn chestnut-shaped lip surgery on the corner of the mouth to make it look like you’re smiling. Lips look more slenderer and more beautiful. It is suitable for patients who want to make their faces more friendly.


It is to move the cut flesh of the mouth and rearrange it to fill in the tip of the chestnut to maintain a clear and beautiful shape. Dr. Gun will sort the best quality parts and put them in the chestnut. It is suitable for patients who have a little or wrinkled mouth. It will reduce the likelihood that the chestnut will loosen to make it more defined, clearer and more beautiful.

What kind of mouth physiognomy is good?

The good mouth is symmetrical to the face as measured from the center of the eye. It is considered a good mouth trait. But if the lips are wider or narrower, it indicates that the physiognomy is not as good as it should be. In addition, the upper lip should have a clear wavy border. The straight corners of the mouth should be slightly upward to match the face. The lower lip is plump and has no wrinkle lines which resemble a horn chestnut-shaped lip. It is a charming lip to the onlooker and has a positive effect on dialogue and communication. For a woman with a horn chestnut-shaped lip is grateful, intelligent. Besides that, having moist pink lips is one of the things that make your lips more attractive.

What kind of oral physiognomy is not good?

It is usually a person with thin and small lips. This kind of person will not invest in anything good results. If there are big lips on both top and bottom, and the mouth is upside down or the corners of the mouth fall down, it can also be seen as being in a bad mood all the time and not attractive to the onlookers.

Horn chestnut-shaped lip surgery procedures

Preparation before horn chestnut-shaped lip surgery

1.Inform the history of allergy medicines and dietary supplements you are taking, including congenital diseases. As well as history of surgery to the doctor.

2.Abstain from alcohol 14 days before the surgery.

3.Refrain from taking any dietary supplement at least 14 days before the surgery.

4.Brush your teeth thoroughly before surgery.

5.Must prepare the mouth to be moist, such as lip care, 2 weeks before the surgery

Preparation on the day of surgery

1.Arrive at the clinic 1 hour before the appointment time to consult and evaluate the mouth shape with the doctor.

2.The doctor will design the shape of the mouth and let you know before surgery.

3.Inform drug allergy and congenital disease.

4.The surgery will take about 1-2 hours.

5.The medical team will assess the symptoms after surgery. Once your symptoms have improved, you can go home with a kit and wound dressing.

Self-care after horn chestnut-shaped lip surgery

1.Refrain from brushing your teeth and clean your mouth with saline or clean water for the first 3 days (rinse your mouth every time after eating).

2.Do not open your mouth wide during the first 14 days.

3.Refrain from smoking and drinking alcohol at least 2 weeks before the surgery.

4.Refrain from washing your face and applying makeup until the stitches are cut. You can apply moisturizer and sunscreen as usual. You should use a cotton pad soaked in cleansing or toner to wipe your face instead of washing your face (do not touch the water).

5.Refrain from traumatic activities such as playing sports for a period of about 6-8 weeks.

6.Should eat liquid or soft food that is tasteless.

7.You should drink a lot of water using a straw.

8.Follow all doctor’s instructions.

Lip surgery depends on the original mouth too. The doctor will first assess the patient’s mouth image based on other facial features including tooth structure. It is for the upper and lower lips to be in proportion to the patient’s face for a natural look. For anyone who has lip problems and is deciding to undergo lip surgery, the doctor recommends that you do a thorough research and choose a standardized cosmetic clinic institute. Most importantly, there must be a surgeon who has expertise and real experience.