hifu ยกกระชับหน้า ธีระธรฌ์คลินิก หมอกัน

HIFU Facelift Treatment

When talk about face lifting with Hifu, many people may know it well. But some people may not know at all and are still hesitant about whether the information they’ve heard is correct, what are the advantages and benefits? Today we’re going to solve the doubts.

Table of Contents

  1. What is Hifu?
  2. Benefits of HIFU
  3. Who is Hifu suitable for?
  4. How many types of Hifu does Theerathorn Clinic have?
  5. The benefits of HIFU Super V
  6. The benefits of Macro HIFU
  7. Reviews

What is Hifu?

Hifu (High Intensity Focus Ultrasound) is an face lifting innovation using intense ultrasound waves that are used by medical professionals to examine pregnancy. It’s harmless to skin and very safe. It will stimulate the creation of new tissues or collagen, helping to lift the face and look younger.


Benefits of HIFU

  1. Lift and tighten the face.
  2. Stimulates tissue regeneration.
  3. Stimulates collagen production for smoother skin and naturally shallower pores.
  4. Tighten the face contour and wattle.
  5. Reduce wrinkles, deep grooves for a younger looking face.

Who is Hifu suitable for?

This method is a very good choice for people who suffer from sagging faces and fear of needles or surgery. It’s easy to make your skin a lift without pain. You can see results from the first time you do it. Those who are interested in can come consult with our doctor individually.

How many types of Hifu does Theerathorn Clinic have?

We offer two types of Hifu: HIFU Super V and Macro HIFU. They have the following features:


1. HIFU Super V

It’s a new version of face lifting technology that can sees results at first time and gradually noticeable within 4 weeks. It developed Multi-Functional HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) to tightens the skin at a depth similar to a facelift surgery. The processes occur only in the skin layer which the energy is transmitted and there is no bruising, swelling or scarring.

The benefits of HIFU Super V

  1. Lift and tighten the sagging face.
  2. Penetrates all the depths of the skin, muscles and SMAS to help lift the face effectively.
  3. Reduce wrinkles around the eyes, under the eyes, midcheek groove, nose groove, drooping corner of the mouth, double chin.
  4. Facial contour correction to be slender and see the shape cleary.
  5. The thickness of fat is reduced.
  6. See result cleary in 2-3 months and last 8-10 months

2. Macro HIFU

It is a technology that helps tighten up the skin with HIFU energy (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound). It transmits sound waves under the skin layer, but does not affect the top layer. You may feel warm under your skin while doing it. You’ll see the results immediately and gradually tighten up in 3-4 weeks. No need to recuperate, surgery and doesn’t hurt your skin.

The benefits of Macro HIFU

  1. Lift and tighten the sagging face. Can see the results from first time.
  2. Working with Multi-Functional HIFU.
  3. Sew the collagen skin layer with High Intensity Focused Ultrasound energy in a Multi-Functional form.
  4. The operation takes place only in the SMAS layer and does not affect the top layer of skin. You will only feel warm under your skin.

Reviews of HIFU Super V

Reviews of Macro HIFU