laser หน้าใสลดจุดด่างดำ ธีระธรฌ์คลินิก หมอกัน

รอยแดง รอยดำ ธีระธรฌ์คลินิก หมอกัน

Laser treatments for dark spots and brightening the skin

Our Quadro Star Pro Yellow Laser can reduce melasma, redness, freckles and dark spots on the face with the world’s first pure yellow laser. It has a wavelength of 577 nm and high quality from Germany. It can also eliminate scars caused by melanin pigmentation disorders and capillary rupture. It will reduce the problem of deep melasma, inflammatory melasma or redness from acne inflammation. It can also reduce the risk of ulcers and side effects. It is very safe with homogeneous beam power transmission that provides the same energy output. You won’t have any wounds and you won’t need to recuperate. For the best results, we recommend that you continue to receive services from us every 1-2 weeks.