Medical Team

At YKJ Medical Center, we believe that experience of doctors are important. That’s why we have selected experienced doctors in all fields of beauty. Our doctors have handled countless cases and are committed to providing safe and satisfying results for our patients.

Dr. Rattarut Barrameechaiphach (Dr. Gun)

Dr. Gun is a highly experienced plastic surgeon with a specialization in open rhinoplasty and facial contouring. He has over 20 years of experience in the field of beauty and has received numerous awards. He is also trusted by many celebrities.

Dr. Pongwat Polpong (Dr. Ake)

Dr. Ake is a neurological surgeon with expertise in facial anatomy and surgery. He specializes in upper facial surgery, including facelift, brow lift, forehead augmentation, and open rhinoplasty.

Dr. Anukun Leeanansaksiri (Dr. Opor)

Dr. Opor is a plastic surgeon with expertise in breast augmentation.

Dr. Doojduean Srimukda (Dr. Aof)

Dr. Oaf is a dermatologist and aesthetician who specializes in filler injections, Botox injections, thread lifts, and laser treatments. She has over 10 years of experience.

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