6 Most Popular Nose Shapes at YKJ Medical Center

ปกเสริมจมูก 6 ทรง

We have many nose shapes such as Korean, Western, Teardrop, Slopes, Straight, etc. After the patient has chosen a shape, Dr. Gun will recommend and adjust the shape to best suit the patient’s face shape. It will boost a distinctive naturalness and enhance physiognomy. More importantly, the safest is our number 1 priority. The most popular nose shapes at YKJ Medical Center are:


Western Slope Style

The shape is cute with a long tip. Slope only the upper bridge. Filled with a teardrop tip. It’s a western style which is suitable for actors, models or anyone who wants a western style nose shape.


Slope and Upturned Nose Tip Style

The sloped nose bridge looks cute because the nostrils are slightly visible and the tip of the nose is slightly teardrop-shaped. It will enhance the look of a cute and charming like young lady.

Slope and Pointed Nose Tip Style

This nose shape will help you look beautiful and stylish. It is ideal for traders or business owners.


Sharp and Slender Nose Bridge Style

This nose shape is straight, slender and slight teardrop-shaped. You will look majestic and respectful. It is suitable for executives or managers.


Most nose jobs are performed and refined using open rib cartilage techniques because it is flexible and allows for unlimited nose customization. You can learn more about open rib rhinoplasty at this link: Rib Cartilage Rhinoplasty and Revision Rhinoplasty

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How is Open Rhinoplasty Different from Close Rhinoplasty?


Close Rhinoplasty with Silicone

It is a popular rhinoplasty technique in Thailand. It is a surgery on the bridge and tip of the nose with silicone to make it higher. The surgical wound is hidden inside the nose. The silicone used is L-shaped to lift the tip of the nose to increase the bulge of the nose tip as well. It must be designed for the patient appropriately due to the high chance of nasal perforation. it is suitable for noses that have good structure but want to add prominence.

Open Rhinoplasty


Open Rhinoplasty or Open Reconstruction will focus on the reconstruction of the structure. For example, cartilage remodeling, nasal septum straightening, nasal septal deviation correction, deviated cartilage, and large or humped nasal tip. Open rhinoplasty will open an incision at the front of the nasal septum to clearly see the structure for surgery. The cartilage of the body will be used to adjust the structure of the nose. Open rhinoplasty has both silicone-free and 100% silicone-free tips. The silicone-free tip around the bridge of the nose usually uses an I-shaped silicone. It is a hybrid technique that can design a nose shape without limits.

Read more: The difference between open rhinoplasty vs close rhinoplasty

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How Many Types of Open Rhinoplasty?

Open Rhinoplasty or Open Reconstruction can straighten and lift the nose tip with septal cartilage. It is the only bone in the body that is flat and strong. The doctor will surgically remove only 2/3 of the cartilage in the middle of the nose for the nose tip surgery. Septal cartilage will safely elongate the tip of the nose. It can be used by other cartilages in the body. There are three popular types of cartilage:
Wound behind the ear after 6 months / Image of ear cartilage

1. Ear Cartilage

There are 2 surgical incisions, a normal nasal septum and an incision that made to remove the cartilage behind the ear. The incision is hidden in the crease of the ear, making it invisible. The concha area will be selected by the doctor. A doctor who is skilled enough will be able to remove the right amount of cartilage that does not deform the shape of the ear. The main structural part for lengthening the nose is to septal cartilage and stitching to the original nasal septum in order to lengthen the nasal septum naturally. It will emphasize the nasal prominence safely without silicone usage. It can enhance and adjust the nose tip more than normal silicone. It also reduces the chance of perforation even more.
แผลซี่โครง 3 ซม
กระดูกซี่โครง, ปลายไร้ซิลิโคน, เสริมจมูก
2 cm incision on the ribs / Image of the ribs for rhinoplasty.

2. Rib Cartilage

It is an advanced technique that can solve most problems by using the ribs. At present, there are 3 types of ribs that are commonly used in rhinoplasty: self-ribs, donated ribs, and synthetic ribs.
The doctor will make an incision under the breast about 2 cm to remove about 1 rib, then divide more than 10 pieces and subdivide another 10-20 pieces to structure and reshape the nose. It’s a difficult and complicated method. It is suitable for people who want to have surgery only once, in case of multiple rhinoplasty or severe abnormality. It requires surgery under general anesthesia under the supervision of a skilled physician and takes longer than other techniques.
Artificial rib cartilage or rib cartilage from overseas donors come in many brands and qualities. They vary in size and are more fragile than the ribs themselves.
Synthetic rib or PCL Mesh stands for Polycaprolactone Mesh. It is a medical material that has been used for a long time. Nowadays, it is used for rhinoplasty because it can replaces the patient’s real cartilage. It is suitable for people who don’t want to use cartilage in their body.
ซิลิโคนเสริมจมูก, กอร์เท็กซ์, Gore-Tex
I-shaped silicone (top) and Gore-Tex (bottom) for rhinoplasty

3. Other Open Rhinoplasties

It may be an L- or I-shaped silicone augmentation that extends from the ridge to the tip of the nose, covering the top layer of the nasal structure. This technique will create a prominent nose shape. It can correct the short nose, and the tip of the nose will be decorated with material such as Gore-Tex or ear cartilage. The tip of the nose will look natural and reduce the problem of seeing joints from inserting silicone. This technique is not suitable for people with thin skin or who have previously had inflammation from nose surgery. It may cause thin and clear nose tip problems in the future.

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Difference Between Ear Cartilage and Rib Cartilage

Using internal cartilage to restructure your nose will give you more beautiful and safer. Both of them have differences and limitations that must be used to suit each problem.
เสริมจมูกซี่โครง-หลังหู ต่างกันอย่างไร

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16 Nose Problems That Can be Solved with Open Reconstruction

Open rhinoplasty can solve a variety of nasal problems. Dr. Gun and medical team have experience in open rhinoplasty or open reconstruction more than 10,000 cases in more than 20 years. We can summarize the characteristics of the nose as follows.
แก้จมูก, ทำจมูกโอเพ่น
แก้จมูก, เคยแก้จมูกหลายครั้ง
แก้จมูก, เคยแก้จมูกหลายครั้ง
แก้จมูก, ทำจมูกโอเพ่น, ปลายจมูกใหญ่, จมูกชมพู่
แก้จมูก, จมูกชมพู่, ปลายจมูกใหญ่
แก้จมูก, จมูกชมพู่, ปลายจมูกใหญ่
จมูกชมพู่, จมูกหนา, ชั้นไขมันเยอะ

The way to fix big nose tip and excessive fat is to reduce the nose tip fat.

แก้จมูก, ทำจมูกโอเพ่น, ปัญหาจมูกสั้น
แก้จมูก, ทำจมูกโอเพ่น, จมูกมีฮัมพ์
ฮัมพ์ใหญ่, ฮัมพ์สูง, ตัดฮัมพ์

How to fix the pinky nose tip.

แก้จมูก, ทำจมูกโอเพ่น, ซิลิโคนเอียง
แก้จมูก, ซิลิโคนเอียง
แก้จมูก, ซิลิโคนเอียง
แก้จมูก, ทำจมูกโอเพ่น, ร้อยไหมจมูก
แก้จมูก, ทำจมูกโอเพ่น, จมูกอักเสบ
แก้จมูก, จมูกอักเสบ, ฉีดสารเหลว
แก้จมูก, จมูกอักเสบ, ฉีดสารเหลว
แก้จมูก, ทำจมูกโอเพ่น, ปลายบางเสี่ยงทะลุ
แก้จมูก, จมูกบางใส, จมูกทะลุ
แก้จมูก, จมูกบางใส, จมูกทะลุ
แก้จมูก, จมูกบุ๋ม, จมูกเกิดอุบัติเหตุ
แก้จมูก, จมูกบุ๋ม, จมูกเกิดอุบัติเหตุ
แก้จมูก, รูจมูกผิดรูป
แก้จมูก, รูจมูกผิดรูป
แก้จมูก, จมูกแกนกลางคดเอียง
แก้จมูก, จมูกแกนกลางคดเอียง

There are various types of crooked nose structures, for example, S-shaped nasal axis and straight nasal axis but sideways are slanted.


How to fix a crooked nose.

ทำจมูก, ฐานจมูกกว้างและใหญ่

Characteristics of those who have a wide and suitable nose base.

ยืดผนังกั้นแกนกลาง, โครงสร้างจมูก

Pre- and post structure of nasal septum straightening.

ยืดผนังกั้นแกนกลางจมูก, กระดูกอ่อนหลังหู, กระดูกอ่อนซี่โครง

Materials for stretching the septum include ear cartilage, 6th or 7th rib cartilage, and septum cartilage.

แก้จมูก, ดั้งแหมบ, จมูกเนื้อน้อย
แก้จมูก, จมูกสั้นมาก
แก้จมูก, ปลายจมูกงุ้ม
แก้จมูก, หายใจไม่สะดวก
แก้จมูก, หายใจไม่สะดวก

In addition to rhinoplasty, which is used to make the nose larger and more prominent, there is also nose reduction surgery. This surgery is used to reduce the size of the nose. It is suitable for people who have noses that are too large for their faces. There are many surgical techniques that can be used, depending on the patient’s individual needs. For more information: Nose Reduction Surgery in Thailand

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Review of Open Rhinoplasty at YKJ Medical Center

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What is Open Rhinoplasty without Silicone on Nose Tip and 100% without Silicone?

The open rhinoplasty without silicone on nose tip is combined with open rhinoplasty with ear cartilage or rib cartilage. It is suitable for those who have a big hump and high nose bridge. It includes people who don’t want to insert silicone. It can be replaced with a special Gore-Tex tissue. In the case of people with high humps, the doctor removes the bony arches and smoothens the surface. The permanently removed bone will no longer bulge. The bridge of the nose will look more sloped, beautiful and soft. The 100% without silicone is suitable for people with a hooked nose tip or a high nose bridge. The doctors will use the open rhinoplasty technique together with hump reduction to reduce the height of the nasal bridge and nose tip, then decorate with ear cartilage or rib cartilage.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Open Rhinoplasty

เครื่องมือ หมอกันมือผ่าโอเพ่น จมูกโอเพ่น หมอกัน ธีระธรฌ์คลินิก


  • Reshape the patient’s nose better and more completely because the doctor can see the internal structure clearly.
  • Reshape the nose tip with natural cartilage and reduce the chance of silicone distortion and perforation in the future.
  • Align the new core cartilage to be higher and stronger and stretch the nasal tip better than close rhinoplasty.
  • Suture the Interfoot, Intercrus and Interdome to provide a prominent nose and a strong base.
  • Reshape the bridge of the nose to be slim and design the desired shape as much as possible.
  • Doing only once can last a lifetime.


  • There will be a slight wound in the middle of the nose, but it will gradually disappear in about 3-6 months and can be covered with cosmetics.
  • The price is higher than close rhinoplasty but it is safer. In addition, doctors must have highly experienced.

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Self-Care After Rhinoplasty

หมอกัน, ทำจมูกโอเพ่น, ผ่าตัด

Preparation before rhinoplasty.

It is very important to let your doctor know if you have any medical conditions, allergies or any medications you are taking, especially aspirin or ibuprofen. The surgeon will be able to plan a safe operation. You should also take care of your health with the following:

  • Refrain from smoking and alcoholic beverages.
  • Refrain from taking all kinds of vitamins.
  • Refrain from wearing makeup and should wash your hair before surgery.
  • Refrain from eating 8 hours before surgery.
  • Refrain from marijuana 1 month before surgery and 3 months after surgery (it will affect the delivery of sleeping pills)
Self-care videos after rhinoplasty

How to treat wounds around the nose

You may experience pain in your nose and face. You should sleep on a higher level and avoid sleeping on your side. You will need to apply a cold compress for 3 days after surgery to reduce swelling and continue warm compress for about a week. At first, you may bleed at the surgical site. You can dab it with a light saline solution to clean the wound and prevent infection, and take medication as prescribed by your doctor.

How to treat a surgical wound behind the ear

You should clean the wound with saline and betadine. Don’t sleep on your back and sleep on your side to avoid pressure. The wound must refrain from contact with water for 14 days or until the wound is completely closed. You should take any antiseptic and pain medication prescribed by your doctor.

How to treat a surgical wound around the ribs

Soreness is normal. You should take antibiotics and pain relievers as prescribed by your doctor. You need to avoid contact with water until the wound is completely closed. You’ll need to keep applying scar-reducing medication regularly to prevent keloid scars, and avoid heavy lifting for 14 days after surgery.

Read more: 12 Do’s and Don’ts After Open Rhinoplasty

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Foods to Eat and Foods to Avoid

For 7 days after open rhinoplasty, you should eat the softest food and refrain from taking supplements such as collagen, vitamins, and detox. You can take supplements as usual after 7 days.
  • Refrain from eating spicy foods that cause mucus.
  • Refrain from eating a lot of salty or sodium food because it can cause swelling and the wound may become infected.
  • Refrain from alcohol and smoking.
  • Refrain from fermented things such as shrimp paste, Kimchi, rice noodles, fermented fish, pickled bamboo shoots, pickled salmon.
  • Refrain from undercooked food such as Sashimi, Larb, and Koi.
  • Refrain from all kinds of seafood.
  • Refrain from Durian, Jackfruit and Longan.
  • Refrain from all kinds of eggs.

Foods that can be eaten after rhinoplasty

  • Fried Rice with Pork/Chicken (no egg)
  • Noodles with pork/chicken/beef (do not add more seasonings such as fish sauce or vinegar)
  • Stir fried basil with pork/chicken/beef (no fried egg)
  • Stir-fried kale with crispy pork, sliced pork, minced pork
  • Stir-fried garlic with pork/chicken/beef
  • Stir fried mixed vegetables with pork/chicken/beef
  • Stir-fried sweet and sour sauce with pork/chicken/beef
  • Chicken Rice/ Roasted Pork Rice/ Crispy Pork Rice/ Pork Leg Rice (no egg)
  • Cucumber soup with vermicelli and minced pork and shiitake mushrooms (no tofu, eggs and seaweed)
  • Stewed Pork/Chicken/Beef Rice
  • Snapper, Tilapia, Snakehead, Red Tilapia Fish, Catfish steamed with soy sauce
  • KFC, Texas Chicken, Chester’s Grill, Mcdonald, Bonchon, Five Star Grilled Chicken (Refrain from pickled radish or pickled vegetables or seafood dishes and eggs)
  • Suki, Shabu, BBQ (no pickled vegetables or seafood and eggs)
  • Japanese food such as ramen, kara-age fried chicken, gyoza, curry (no raw fish, pickled radish, pickled vegetables, seafood and eggs)
  • Spicy mixed vegetable soup (do not add shrimp paste, fermented fish and shrimp)
  • All Isaan foods (no fermented fish, bamboo shoot soup, pickles, dried shrimp or raw meat. You should not add additional condiments such as fish sauce or vinegar).
  • Vegetable salad without eggs (clear dressing)
  • Stir-fried morning glory
  • Stewed Duck and Stewed Pork
  • Coconut Milk Soup with Chicken
  • Pork/Chicken/Beef Steak
  • Sausage sandwich, shredded pork, ham, cheese (no chili paste, shrimp paste and crab stick from sea fish)
  • Spaghetti with tomato sauce and Carbonara

Thai dessert

  • Thai pudding with coconut topping
  • Thai caramel toffee
  • Caramelized crisps
  • Cantaloupe & Corn Tapioca
  • Sago with Coconut
  • Rice Cracker
  • Glutinous Rice Balls with Coconut Milk (No eggs)
  • Sticky Rice
  • Black Beans
  • Khao Tom Mud
  • Mung Beans Boiled with Sugar
  • Coconut Milk Jelly
  • Coconut Rice Pancake
  • Sweet Water Chestnuts
  • Deletable Imitation Fruits
  • Steamed Pandan Layer Cake
  • Thai Coconut Milk Custard. (Avoid dessert made from eggs as the main ingredient)


  • Cake, Bread
  • Cookies
  • Banoffee
  • Fruit Tart
  • Pudding
  • Chocolate
  • Brownie
  • Bingsu
  • Shaved Ice
  • Crepe (No Egg)
  • Fruit Jam
  • Ice Cream

You can eat anything (except durian, jackfruit and longan as they are very gassy and can cause oral ulcers).

  •  Fruit juice
  •  Smoothies
  •  Soy Milk, Tofu milk
  •  Tea or coffee
  •  Fermented milk (no cow’s milk because it may stimulate allergy)
  •  Pumpkin juice, Centella asiatica juice, coconut juice (recommended)

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Where is the Best Place for Rhinoplasty? Why at YKJ Medical Center?

Dr.Gun or Dr. Rattarut Barrameechaiphach, he is a medical professor specializing in open reconstruction. He has almost 20 years of expertise in the beauty industry.

He is one of the pioneers of open rhinoplasty in Thailand.

He has studied and combined science and art to design the face shape and nose shape to satisfy the patient. The most according to the Fibonacci ratio principle. He can also boost physiognomy according to the patient’s needs based on individual identity because he strongly believes that every woman has her own beauty. If you are looking for a nose surgery or rhinoplasty clinic in Bangkok, YKJ Medical Center is a good choice.

Video Review from Celebrities

Debbie Bazoo:  She got a better facial shape and good fortune after doing open rhinoplasty with Dr. Gun.

Jesse Ward:  She has a perforated nose and decided to do open reconstruction with Dr. Gun.

Mimi Kanlayarat:  After rhinoplasty with Dr. Gun, she looks prettier and has more luck in work.

Belle Sawanya:  This famous heroine trusts in open rhinoplasty with Dr. Gun, because he has heard of his reputation for a long time.

Pam, Miss Grand Thailand 2017:  She trusts in Dr. Gun’s skills for beautifying her.

The reason why celebrities  choose open rhinoplasty with Dr. Gun at YKJ Medical Center.

“Analysis of New Nose Surgery Techniques”  in Chae Show

“In-Depth about Nose Surgery” Petrama Show

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Open rhinoplasty with rib cartilage is taking about 1 rib to be broken down into 16-20 sub-parts. It is enough to reshape the nasal structure and no more ear cartilage is needed.

Yes, it has a chance. Therefore, you should prevent it by avoiding picking up the scab and applying the scar reducer regularly.

Read more: How to prevent and treat keloids?

It is both silicone and non-silicone. In most cases, we only use 20-30% of the silicone around the bridge of the nose. In some cases that already have a nose bridge, it can be done without silicone.

  • Alloderm is a synthetic sponge-like material. It can reshape the tip of the nose or stimulate tissue regeneration and can be used in thin-skin cases or as an augmentation to prevent skin perforation. It is popular both in Thailand and abroad. But in the long run, Alloderm may collapse which results in a flattened nose.
  • The cartilage behind the ear comes from the patient himself. It is strong and less prone to allergies. It won’t collapse in the long run and looks natural. It can reshape of the nose tip more than Alloderm.

Yes, it is possible. It is suitable for those who have a hooked nose tip or a high nose bridge. We will use the open technique together with hump removal to reduce the height of the nose bridge and reshape the tip with ear cartilage or rib cartilage.

• It depends on the technique and experience of the doctor. However, we take security very seriously. All cases will be operated by highly experienced doctors and we will use silicone only 20-30% to ensure long-term safety.

You should refrain from washing your hair until the wound has healed completely or as advised by your doctor.

It can last a lifetime because the silicone implants do not expire.

We have a unique technique for cutting rib cartilage. We will leave some of the rib membranes to allow the ribs in that area to regenerate.

Close rhinoplasty will cause a small incision inside the nose. It’s suitable for people with a slight nose problem. Open rhinoplasty will cause an incision at the base of the nose to reveal the entire structure. It can fix all kinds of nasal problems. In conclusion, the nose shape will look more natural than close rhinoplasty.

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