Thermarge Skin Tightening without Surgical

Face lifting without surgery is something that many women want and choose because it does not require recovery and no pain. It is suitable for people who are worried when taking photos due to wattle, unclear face shape or who want to reshape face. We believe that everyone will love THERMATIGHT.



Thermatight is a technology that helps in reshaping face and breaks down excess fat. It works by transmitting radiofrequency energy (Monopolar RF) from the dermis to the fat layer regularly. This causes the contraction of collagen fibers as well as other tissues, then there will be a process of repairing and creating collagen. Make the skin structure to be modified, stronger, increase the flow of blood vessels in the area to be treated. Stimulates energy metabolism in fat cells as well. Helps restore youthful skin, lifting and tightening excess without surgery.

Thermatight is also a technology recognized for its effectiveness in fat burning. Your skin will look firm and toned. The face contour is clearer, younger and more radiant.


Who is THERMATIGHT suitable for?

  1. People with unclear face shape and wattle.
  2. People with sagging skin and wanting a face lift.
  3. People with deep wrinkles in various parts of face.
  4. People who want to lose face fat.

How long does THERMATIGHT last?

Thermatight is skin tightening technology that uses radio waves through the skin layers to the fat and the fascia layer. It will last 3-6 months.



  1. Consult a doctor for a preliminary assessment and identify the facial problems.
  2. Apply Cooling Gel to relieve the feeling of overheating.
  3. Treatment time for Thermatight will take 30 – 45 minutes.

Taking care of yourself after THERMATIGHT

  1. Drink lots of water.
  2. Abstain from alcohol.
  3. If you have pain, you can take pain-relief medicines.